Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Artist Statement

I create dance because it is a universal form of communication. As an artist born in a country that does not grant me citizenship because of my ethnicity, I have made the world my home where I continue to nurture my craft as a dancer and choreographer. The ambition of my work is to portray the continuous search for ones identity, soul and place in the universe.

I am influenced by my upbringing as a Filipino born and raised in Israel and living in New York. These experiences have instilled my work with a tribal essence, raw energy, technical dance aesthetics and the passion for living and expressing oneself. I search for dancers from all walks of life and use the richness of our distinct cultures and dance background to create movement and work inspired by daily life situations where internal emotions manifest while being performed.
My creative process constantly evolves as I continue to grow as a person and an artist. I explore with various choreographic approaches and areas of dance to further challenge the body’s limits and the minds vast abilities for creativity.

My goal is to bring forth a communion of people, dance, stories, experiences and ideas. Cross-cultured dance. I find it a necessity to share this with audiences and hope that they relate what they see in our work to their daily lives, becoming conscious and acknowledging that people and artists journey all around the globe, living and growing amongst each other. Listening, sharing, entertaining and evolving the human psyche are the aspirations and integrity of our creations.